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The Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association

The HKPMA was established in 1957 and its members come from the local plastics industry. It has been fostering the communications, collaborations and ideas exchange among plastics manufacturers in order to gather the latest information on market trends and technology development. It aims at enhancing the overall competitiveness of the plastics industry.

Project Committee

Mr Eric Sun
Managing Director
Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Factory Ltd.

Mr Raymond Chan
President & CEO
Jing Mei Industrial Ltd.

Dr Jack Yeung
Ace Mold Co. Ltd.

Mr Alfred Au
Managing Director 
Technovation Engineering Ltd.

Mr Ricky Chau
Po Tak Plastics

Mr Felix Choi 
Managing Director 
Hongrita Mold Ltd.

Mr Andrew Hui
Business Development Manager
Hong Kong Colour Technology Ltd.

Ms Jessica Leung
Business Development Director
Star Industrial Co. Ltd.

Mr Paul Tai 
Regional Director
Mainetti (HK) Ltd.

Mr Edmond Yau 
Executive Director 
Koln 3D Technology (Industry) Ltd.