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Industry Background

Throughout the decades, Hong Kong plastics manufactures have played a strikingly important leading role in transforming the Mainland into a giant country with noticeable plastics industrial development and drew attention from worldwide plastics makers. However, the contribution from these Hong Kong manufactures gradually became less dominant when the global manufacturing trend has relied on the new and innovative plastics technologies that enable high performance in production. At this stage, however, most local plastics makers still cling to the original equipment manufacturing business model to run its business even if there is stiff worldwide competition. Obviously, it is time the Hong Kong plastics industry players stepping up to upgrade their business model and adopt the new technologies worldwide to transform themselves into a new innovative plastics sector that can catch up with the prevailing trend.


In view of the shrinking contribution of the local plastics industry, Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association Limited, with Federation of Hong Kong Industries as an implementation agent, has successfully applied the SME Development Fund to commence a project titled “Technology Advancement of Hong Kong Plastics Industry to Tap into the Opportunities under the Strategies of ‘Made in China 2025’ and ‘Industry 4.0’ ”, which is funded by Trade and Industry Department of HKSAR Government. This 2-year project aims at providing a platform that can trigger the exchange of latest technologies with a view to encouraging plastics makers to invest more in R&D and probe into the exploration of technological advancements to upgrade their manufacturing processes. The project is comprised of large-scale international conferences, workshops, mission sharing session, factory visits and a series of e-newsletters that focus all on the prevailing technology trend to bolster up the competitiveness of Hong Kong plastics industry.





Plastics Conferences

2 Times

Nov 16 – Oct 17

Sharing Session

1 Time

Dec 16


4 Times

Feb 17 – July 18

Factory Visits

2 Times

Apr 17 – May 18


5 Issues

Jan 17 – Aug 18