Workshop on New Dimensions in 3D Printing Strike the Plastics World


Date: 11 July 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 14:00
Venue: FHKI


Funded by the SME Development Fund of the Trade and Industry Department, HKSAR Government, the captioned workshop was held at FHKI on 11 July 2017. This workshop highlighted the advanced printing materials and the innovative manufacturing technologies. Eric Sun, Chairman of the Hong Kong Plastics Manufacturers Association (HKPMA) encouraged the local industry players to explore the new dimensions in the applications of plastics materials in order to learn more of the latest 3D printing technologies, which can enhance the production model.

Guest speakers of TM System Co., Ltd and Yuen Kee Ho Machinery Ltd on the one hand introduced the latest materials including FDM Thermoplastics and PolyJet Photopolymers; and on the other hand, they focused on digital manufacturing applications to further explore the impending trend of 3D printing in the manufacturing industry. In addition to the valuable presentations, some 3D printing products were showcased so that the audiences could take a look at the real products and components derived from 3D printing. Over 40 participants attended the workshop and overwhelming responses were received.

This event is one of the deliverables under the funding project titled “Technology Advancement of Hong Kong Plastics Industry to Tap into the Opportunities under the Strategies of “Made in China 2025” and “Industry 4.0” ” , applied by HKPMA with FHKI as implementation agent.


Sam Tang

General Manager,
Yuen Kee Ho Machinery Ltd

Alan Yu

Application Consultancy Leader of Asia Pacific and Japan
TM System Co Ltd